“Livar Pharmaceutical & Hygienic Company”, benefiting from a group of well experienced and talented managers with previous engagements in pharmaceutical fields was established in Tehran in June 2004.As a young establishment, taking utmost advantage of technical, commercial and financial capabilities of its members and partners in a highly professional manner; Livar managed to create a competent organization in a relatively short period of time.

Livar Co.

Livar’s mission includes improving standards of health and quality of life and also delivering added values to customers and consumers, colleagues, associates and partners.

The doctrine of founders of Livar has principally been quality, innovation and leadership which would be achieved through:

  • Developing a distinguished pharmaceutical and hygienic company in Iran.
  • Offering customer oriented services.
  • Obtaining leadership in the market.
  • Supplying the consumer with high quality products at affordable prices.
  • Livar Co.

    Livar’s priority concerns have been offering solutions; however small; to unemployment and its own multilateral growth. In order to achieve these objectives, Livar has planned a five-year program:
    To become a pioneer in pharmaceuticals, food supplements and health-care products through cooperation with well-established international manufacturing companies.


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